Isis Slot Game

The Isis mobile slot game is an exciting game of chance in which players can feel like high rollers betting big in hopes of winning one of the big jackpots, all from the convenient platform of their own mobile devices. The risk is high, as most spins will not yield a profitable win, but the potential wins make the game appealing to those unafraid of investing time and money seeking the thrill of one of the larger payouts.

The Ancient Egyptian themed Isis game screen gives players the option of playing up to 25 individual pay lines. The minimum bet is $0.01, while the maximum is $100, per line played. Each additional line chosen after the first, up to the full 25, increases the chances of one of the played lines winning on the spin. At the bottom of the play screen the current player’s credits, the bet being placed and, at the end of the spin, the amount of the win. After selecting the number of pay lines to be played and the amount to be bet, players simply tap the “spin” button and hope for the jackpot.

The thirteen unique symbols that fill the five reels of the Isis mobile slot game (10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace, Urn, Statue, Flower, Eye, Dome, Cleopatra, and Kestrel bird) stand out in crisp detail on the well rendered play screen graphics.

The Cleopatra image is the wild symbol and stands for the most beneficial symbol possible when it appears on a line being played. For example, the highest possible winning spin is a line with five Cleopatra symbols. That spin would trigger a jackpot win.
The Kestrel bird symbol, however, cannot be represented by a wild Cleopatra. This symbol is the trigger for the “scatter” feature of the game, which rewards players with free spins. Three, four, and five Kestrels present on a line wins 20, 25, and 30 free spins respectively. Players also have the chance to win multipliers on their spin which increase the amount of money or free spins won.

Players should keep in mind that the Isis mobile slot game is a big bet, big risk, big reward style game. There is a very small chance of winning several small spins for a profit, however, players can bet big and take a risk in the hopes of spinning one of the game’s incredibly exciting jackpot wins.

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