The Greek civilization has been widely accepted of being the cradle of the western civilization. The ancient Greeks were the most advanced civilization in Europe at their time and the most powerful too. The ancients may have gone but they have left behind a great legacy that consists of scientific facts, architectural marvels and of course myths. And based on such myth is the new game from Genesis slots called Jason’s Quest.

The Quest in the title of the represents the search for the lost Golden fleece. According to legend the fleece has great magical powers and is said to be surrounding by treasure that can make a person rich beyond measure. A pretty clever theme for a slot game isn’t it? Find the fleece and you get your Jackpot.

The graphics in Jason’s Quest are really good for a mobile slot game. The symbols, the reels and background all really look great and give you a feel of having traveled back in time to Ancient Greece. The music too deserves a special mention as it really compliments the graphics well to give the players a one of kind experience while playing this game.

Gameplay :

Jason’s Quest is a classic 5 reel and 25 payline slot game. You get to to choose the number of paylines you wanna bet on at first. Then you decide your wager, it can be any amount between 0.01£ per payline to 2 £ per payline. Whether you are someone who likes to play safe or the one who loves to keep it risky, this slot is just meant for everyone!

The slot is said to have a low volatility rating and the house has a edge of around 3.5 %. This normally means that the slot is a row risk one and thus would appeal to first time slot gamers who are just getting the grip of the slot gaming world.

Jason’s Quest has a highest return of 50,000£ which is impressive for a slot game that is as low as risk as this one.

Wilds and free spins :

The mermaid acts as the wild symbol and replaces all the other symbols except the scatter symbol to form winning combinations.

The scatter symbol in Jason’s Quest is golden fleece. This not only acts as a key to free spin bonus rounds but also gives you wins if you manage to land 2 of these symbols on the reels.

Final Verdict

Jason’s Quest is probably one of the coolest slot games to have released this month. This game has a lot going for it to make this a great slot. So, definitely give this one a spin. You probably won’t regret it.

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