Joker Reelz is a fantastic roller coaster ride with massive turns and jumps. It’s really a jokerish entertainer, maybe from cartoons or movies. Anyhow, the slot is packed with free-spin features ranging from the basic to the extreme. This is the game that should be played for that extra retro adventure.


The slot is a real treat for joker lovers. The layout itself is made of vibrant colours and hues. In addition to stars, there are bells and stars too. The overall layout is user friendly and the complication level is zero. Joker Reelz’s primary feature is its background and slot machine. The background has a dark gradient effect of the galaxy and cosmic wonders. The slot consists of casino themed symbols and reel patterns. The sound effect also duly syncs with the entire game plot.


Symbols and Patterns don’t have much role here. They are just catalysts for making rewards. The basic symbols in the slot are logos, Lucky 7s, Joker wilds, card suit and regular which can make the required pairs and combination for winning more. These symbols are not that complicated in rolling but keep in mind that the rolling function is somewhat different from the rest.  


Free Spins in the name of Joker will be the primary function here. Joker Free Spins are triggered when a Joker Wild symbol lands on the reels. Number of Free Spins depends on how many cells Wilds occupy the screen. In addition to this, the free spins are re-triggerable also. 

Bonus Features

Towering Reel will be the bonus feature here. This is all about making combinations for winning a reward. Two or three reels can combine to create one giant reel during each spin in both, base game and free spins. This feature allows for 2-3 reels to combine into a single giant one. This then allows for 2×2 or 3×3 symbols to appear on those reels. This feature can be activated at any point. 


Joker Reelz has everything. Nothing to remove but a lot to add. Apart from its features, something more entertaining should have been included for maximum play. But it’s a perfect slot play for the perfect play. 

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