Joker Jester

Joker Jester has 5 reels, and 20 paylines as well as some additional features, including two bonus games, barrel and jester, gambling and jester wild. The aim of the game is to win that paying string. How much a player earns is proportional to how much he stakes and the symbols that are found in the winning sequence.

How to Play Joker Jester

Bet –and + keys set the amount for betting.
The max bet key raises the betting amount to its maximum.
Lines +and – set the paylines number.
The max key adjusts the payline to its maximum, i.e. 20.
The reels are spun using the spin key.
The winning sequence amounts are seen in the win field.
Highlighted strings bring the payout.
Expert mode is equipped with the Autoplay key, used to preset a number of games which are played automatically.
A player can see the current game data by clicking on the statistics.

Features of Joker Jester


A player can gamble with his winnings. He has to guess the right colour, which will double the money, or the right suit, which will quadruple it. The player cannot use Jackpot winnings for gambling. There is a preset limit for this option, 5 times for one game.


This feature is triggered when at least three barrels are found across the 3rd, 4th and 5th reels, The player gets a chance to open ten barrels, each hiding a bonus amount that’s random. When a player stumbles upon the jester, the game ends.

Juggling Balls

This is a scattered symbol which can form a winning string, provided at least two of them are found in that string.
It is the only symbol that can’t be changed by the wild.


This is a wild symbol used to replace other symbols, except for the juggling balls, barrel, and basket symbols.
It can also form the winning string on its own, provided that several of them are found across the reels.

Jester Wild

This feature allows a player to earn more money by transforming symbols into wild ones randomly. This feature is triggered randomly while the player is playing one of the regular games.


Three scattered baskets on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd reels trigger this game. The player then can win the x500 multiplier at most. This multiplier is used on the whole bet amount staked.
A jester has three eggs. The player adds egg by egg to get onto the next levels. With every new level a player reaches, he gets a multiplier that is higher than the previous one. There are also safety levels, four in total, which allow a player to lock his earnings.
The player can skip from one level into another by using the golden egg. This will speed his advancement.
When the egg falls, the play is over.
All multipliers found on the safe level are used to multiply the total bet amount.
The button take win collects the multipliers won and finishes the game.

Rules of the Game

The games are cancelled when the malfunction occurs.
The symbols follow left-right rule, i.e. the symbols have to start from the first reel. This rule does not apply to the scattered symbol.
For regular winnings, the amount wagered per payline is multiplied by the amount won.
For scattered winnings, the total amount wagered is multiplied by the value amount of the symbols found in the winning strings.
Scattered and bonus winnings are combined with the regular ones.
The payouts are determined according to the paytable.
Only one winning string is paid for each payline; it is the highest one.

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