Karate Pig

This game is an online slot machine containing five reels and forty paylines. It is a two hundred coin game. Features of the game include a wild symbol, a Free Spins bonus game, and a Karate bonus game.

How to Play Karate Pig

Players start out by selecting the number of paylines to be enabled during a game. This is done by clicking the lines button to select the appropriate number.
Placing a bet starts by indicating the coin size. The coin size is determined by increasing with the “+” icon or decreasing with the “-“ icon.
To increase the overall number of coins to be bet on a game, the player uses the coins button.
A maximum bet with the most coins possible can instantly be wagered by using the bet max button. When this is selected, it will start the game automatically.
If the bet max button is not used, each game will be started by using the spin button. This activates the reels.
Any winning combination formed during a game will be highlighted on the reels and the corresponding win amount will be added to the player’s win box.
If a winning combination is not hit during the game, that game will be ended and the player can start over.

Features of Karate Pig


The game’s wild symbol will be displayed as the Karate Pig Logo symbol. It creates wild symbol stacks that will give up to five symbols on the same reel to complete winning combinations on enabled paylines. It also can create a unique winning combination when multiple symbols occur together in an enabled payline. This symbol will not replace any Coin symbol or Bonus symbol.


The Free Spins bonus is activated when two Coin symbols are scatter on reels one and five of the game. During this game, the player is awarded 15 free spins and all wins will be doubled. The initial bets and paylines used during the game that started the bonus will remain the same. A player can also earn more free spins while this bonus game is occurring. However, the Karate bonus game cannot be started while in the middle of this game.


The Karate bonus game will be activated when 3 or more Bonus symbols appear on the game’s reels. The player will be able to win up to 10,600 coins by choosing objects to unveil random win amounts. The game consists of two levels. All seven belt colors must be obtained to advance from the first level to the second level. Players will collect the total of all bonus wins revealed during the game.

Rules of the Game

With this game, players can bet up to five coins per each enabled payline.
Bonus game wins will be added to any regular game wins.
On each winning payline, only the highest winning combination will be paid out to the player.
Normal wins are paid out from the left to the right. Because of this, a symbol from the combination must appear in the game’s first reel. All symbols must be right next to each other to be considered a win.
If the game experiences a malfunction, all payouts and plays will be voided.

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