This game is the online version of the incredibly popular numbers game that is played everywhere around the world. Origins of the game date back to ancient history in the Far East when a similar game was used to fund militaristic endeavors. It uses a board that is numbered from one to eighty. Accompanying this are game balls that contain the same numbers, one per ball. Twenty of these balls are played at random during each game. The player’s goal is to correctly guess which numbers will hit during a game. Players have the option to wager on as many as fifteen numbers on the game’s board.

How to Play Keno

First, the player will decide on the size of their initial bet by using the plus and minus symbols to change the amount. It is advisable for beginners to start out with a low bet amount to get an idea of how the game plays out.
Numbers are selected by clicking them on the board on the game. These numbers will be displayed differently than the rest. Again, up to fifteen numbers can be chosen. A number can be clicked a second time to remove it from the selections. Because the numbers that the game generates are randomized, they can land consecutively or sporadically. Popular numbers to choose from are birthdates, partial address numbers, etc… The personal touch is what makes the game so much fun.
The game will begin by pushing the Play button. Wins occur based on how many matches are made. The numbers on the board will change colors as they are hit with the game balls. If a game ball matches a player’s selected number, it will light up as a different color.
Once the game session has ended, the player can easily remove all selected numbers by pressing clear and then pick a new combination.
This particular game is similar to a lottery or bingo game in that it relies on chance. It is up to the player to decide how they would like to guess. Sometimes, selecting different numbers every few games is a viable strategy. However, many players have their own “lucky” numbers and will not change them under any circumstance. The appeal of the game comes from the player’s freedom to choose any combination and be rewarded for it.

Rules of the Game

A matching number is worth less the more total numbers a player bets on per game. Players should keep in mind that, when betting on more than 9 numbers, only one or two matches may not pay out at all.
The lowest payout in the game is 0.5 credits. This happen on matching 1 number on 9 bets, matching 2 numbers on 11 bets, and matching 3 numbers or 4 numbers on 15 bets.
The highest payout possible in the game is 10,000 credits. This will only occur when all 15 of a player’s numbers being bet on are hit with matching game numbers.
If an error occurs during a game session, it will render all winnings void.

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