King of slots is a NetEnt developed game that has a typical casino theme. The game is set on a lost island filled with caves of riches. The game itself is located on one of these caves and it is filled with all kinds of gems like diamonds, crown, cherry and jewel crusted citrus and watermelon slices. The game also has precious stone textured low value symbols like A, K, Q, J and 10.

Game Theme and Specifications

The King of Slots is a simple spin to win slot game from NetEnt which has 5 reels and 26 paylines. The game has really flexible bet lines where you can choose 1 to 10 coins per payline with the range of 10p to £10 per coin.But if you do not want to bother with minute details and do not mind geming with maxed out stakes, then you can simply click on the maximum button which lets you set stakes at the maximum value possible. If you are lucky enough, then the £ 260 that you stake in the maximum value can help you win up to £ 195,000,000!

If you are done counting the zeroes in that number, then you will be delighted to know that the King of slots has some other good convenient features like autospin which can help you sit back and relax as the game goes on.


What makes this game the real King of Slots is its features. The game has conventional wilds and scatters, but it also has a skill stop feature which is not commonly seen in slot games.

The wilds in the game are the conventional symbol substituting wilds which can substitute for all other symbols except the diamond which is the scatter.

A unique feature that lets you make your own luck is the skill stop feature. This is meant for people with good reflexes because the game lets you stop the spinning reels in mid spin, if you see a combination that is worth it.


The King of Slots is one game that can be enjoyed by players without fear of losing a lot of money due to stupid risks. The game’s relatively low maximum stake amount and huge returns ensures that the game can be really rewarding. The skill stop feature and the other conventional features certainly add to the game’s positives making it a wonderful slot to play.

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