King Cashalot

Gaming instructions below go over this game that belongs to the class of video slot machines. It contains five game reels and a total of nine pay lines. This machine is based off of 45 coin play. In addition to the multiple features this game has, it also includes a progressive jackpot that constantly builds on itself until a player wins the jackpot.

How to Play King Cashalot

Players select their pay lines and spin the reels of the game to form patterns that win payouts.

Pay lines can be selected through the games line number icon. There is also an icon that lets the player simply increase pay lines.

Placing a bet is done by first adjusting the coin size and then increasing the total amount that will be played during the gaming session. There is also a button that will only increase the coins until the player has the amount that they want.

The bet max feature will wager the most coins possible and start the game instantly.

Under normal play without bet max, players click spin to start the game.

Patterns that win will reward the player with earnings that are displayed on the screen and in the box entitled win.

In the event that a player does not form a winning pattern, the game session stops and a new session can be initiated.

Features of King Cashalot


This game contains a wild multiplier symbol designated by the King symbol. Not only does it replace other icons to form a winning pattern, it will also double the winnings that are given to the player for each pattern that it completes. The symbol creates a winning pattern of its own when an entire group of wilds display on the enabled line. However, please note that there are other special icons in the game that the wild symbol will not replace.


Another great feature of this game is its scatter icon that comes in the form of a Jester symbol. This will create wins when a player has at least two scatter icons in the reels. These combos combine with the player’s bet to form the total payout. This icon won’t replace the wild symbol.


The game contains a bonus feature when three Dragon symbols show up during one game. This will only happen when these icons appear on the middle three reels. The win amounts are randomized and it is up to the player to select which chest they would like to open to unveil their prize. There is also the option to make antoher selection they can be used three times only.


The amazing progressive jackpot feature is obtained when the ninth pay line contains five King symbols. This will award the player with the winnings of the jackpot. However, players have to bet 45 coins on every span to be eligible for this jackpot. The current amount of this jackpot is shown in the game.

Rules of the Game

With this particular game, the sole size of corn offered is 0.05.

Players are permitted to place a bet of as many as five coins per line.

The value of the jackpot is shown in credits. Other game payouts will be in coins.

If the game suffers an internal error, it will cancel out the player’s winnings.

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