Ladies Night

This game is an online slot machine that contains five reels and nine paylines. It is a forty five coin slot machine and has a wild symbol that also acts as a multiplier. The game also features a scatter symbol, a Gamble feature, and a Free Spins bonus game.

How to Play Ladies Night

First the player will select the number of paylines to bet on by selecting a line number.
The line number can be increased by using the select lines button accordingly.
A bet is placed by selecting the coin size that is to be wagered on the game. You can do this by using the “+” and “-“ sign to increase the coin size or decrease the size respectively.
Using the select coins button will allow the player to increase the actual number of coins to be played on each game.
If a player wishes to bet the maximum amount of coins allowed on a game, they can do so by using the bet max button. This button instantly wagers the most coins permitted and will also start the game automatically.
Without the bet max button being used, the game is started by clicking the spin button. This will activate the reels and the game will begin.
Winning combinations occurring on a payline that is played are highlighted on the reels and the specific amount that is won will be added to the player’s win box.
If no winning combination is formed, the game comes to an end and the player can start a new game.

Features of Ladies Night


The game’s wild symbol is the Glitterball symbol, and also works as a multiplier. This symbol will complete winning combinations when it is aligned with other symbols in an enabled payline. Any winnings resulted from such combinations are doubled. In addition, this wild symbol can create its own winning combination when it appears more than once on a selected payline. However, these combinations’ winnings are not doubled. The wild symbol does not replace the scatter symbol in the game.


The game’s scatter symbol comes in the form of the Waiter symbol. It will create a winning scatter combination when two or more symbols appear on the game’s reels in any position. Also, a Free Spins bonus game will be activated if three or more of these symbols appear on the reels of the game. This symbol will not replace the wild symbol.


This bonus game is activated by landing 3 or more Waiter symbols on the game’s reels, regardless of position. The players is given fifteen free spins, during which all regular wins will be tripled in value. The paylines and bets from the game that started the bonus remain the same for the duration of the Free Spins. Additional spins for free can be re-activated during this game. They will be added to the existing number of free spins given.


This game also offers players the Gamble feature, which is allowed up to five times or until a set gamble limit has been reached. This feature has the potential to double or quadruple winnings by guessing the correct color or suit of a card. Guessing the card’s color will double winnings, while guessing the card’s suit will quadruple winnings. After every win this gamble feature is available.

Rules of the Game

Up to five coins can be bet on each payline.
Only the highest winnings combinations will be paid out for each payline, though this rule does not apply to any scatter wins.
The regular winnings of the game are always paid out left to right, which means that a symbol from the combination has to be present in the game’s first reel. Any winning combinations in a regular game must happen in a consecutive order.
Scatter wins and bonus wins are added to the player’s regular wins.
If any malfunction occurs, it will cancel out any plays and payout during a game.

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