Live Baccarat Control Squeeze made its debut in 2016. Developed by Evolution Gaming it offers a multiplicity of camera views that make possible a better view of the action. As well, just like its name implies, it features the fabled card squeeze or peek that’s so beloved of Baccarat players over the years, especially in Asia.

Read on for more details that can be squeezed out of this online Baccarat variant!

Game Large With Live Baccarat Squeeze!

Chinese gamblers at casinos in Macau swear by the squeeze! These folks have a fair amount of renown due to their squeezing the Baccarat cards for luck, before turning them over and revealing their values. This practice ends up damaging the poor cards as they are squeezed to within an inch of their lives, but makes for very suspenseful gameplay.

Gameplay In Live Baccarat Squeeze

In this online Baccarat variant which is played on a glossy table that is shaped like a bean, the dealers are rather attractive females who appear to be rigorously trained. The top of the screen shows the video feed, with the bottom part displaying options to live chat with the dealer and perform a variety of gaming-related activities. 8 decks of cards are used and gameplay is easily accessible to both PC players and mobile players.

Normal third card rules, different types of payouts and bets are in effect here. Thus, players can bet on the player or banker, or the probability of a tie. This pays out at 1:1, 0.95:1 and 8:1 respectively. Side bets are also occasionally available.

Gameplay in Live Baccarat Squeeze is begun once bets are made. The dealer then deals a couple of cards to both the bank and the player. Next, the cards are turned face-up by the dealer, with the squeeze happening solely to the cards that were dealt with positions with the biggest cumulative wagers.

For a third card to be given, either the player or the banker must have hands that total 8 or 9, with both choosing to stand. As well, when players have hands that total 5, they can opt to get a third card. A third card can as well be given whenever the player prefers to stand and the banker has a hand of 5 or lower.

Final Thoughts

Live Baccarat Squeeze appears to be Evolution Gaming’s effort to recreate the experience of playing Baccarat in an Asian land-based casino. The featured live dealer experience is both authentic and immersive, and a new and more attractive user interface is used. There are also a multiplicity of roads for user convenience.
Overall, Live Baccarat Squeeze squeezes lots of new excitement into an old game, plays for high stakes, and has lots to offer to Baccarat players everywhere.

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