Blackjack is a game that is much loved in the casino gaming universe. Over the years, this game has seen a tremendous rise in its fan base in land-based casinos. The introduction of online gaming has even served to make its fan base increase by leaps and bounds. With online casino gaming, players can enjoy the game of Blackjack from the comfort of their living rooms.

However, with this ease comes the problem of isolation that detractors attribute to the internet. NetEnt resolved this when they created Live Blackjack 2.

About the Developer of Live Blackjack 2

The developer of Live Blackjack 2, as already stated, is the illustrious NetEnt. This developer has been with us for as far back as 1996. This makes it one of the oldest in the online casino developing world, behind only Microgaming. Over the years, this developer has ensured that it bequeaths the gaming world with a lot of awesome games. The present game under review is one of the numerous awesome games provided to the gaming world by this developer.

About the Game

Live Blackjack 2 is a game that seeks to bring the magic of land-based blackjack gaming to the internet. From the numerous awesome features that this game possesses, it easily does a good job of taking offline gaming to the internet.

With live blackjack 2, you can play with a live croupier and other live players. This way, before you play, you can select a croupier with a face that has a lot of good luck, if you believe in that.

Another awesome feature that Live Blackjack 2 offers is the ability for players to bet on other players. This means that the betting players would not be playing the game itself. Rather, they place bet on specific players that they believe has a lot of luck going for him. When you use this feature, the player that you place a bet on decides your wins or losses.

This feature is ideal for players that do not like the idea of pushing the risky buttons themselves. With this feature, you can always let someone else take all the hard decisions while you sit back and get the rewards or losses.


Live Blackjack 2 is a work of genius from NetEnt. The introduction of new features like the one that lets you bet on other players has really introduced a new dimension to the world of online gaming.

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