Blackjack is a game that is easily the favourite of casino gamers all over the world. With Blackjack, getting a win is not entirely dependent on luck. You need experience, strategy and maybe just a bit of luck in order to leave the table richer than you came in. The introduction of online gaming has added a lot in terms of the ease with which players can enjoy their favourite games. Blackjack is not left out of the wave of opportunities presented by internet casino gaming. However the use of the internet has made casino gaming sort of a lonely affair. All this has changed for the better with the introduction of this super awesome game from NetEnt.

About the Developer of Live Blackjack Standard High Roller

NetEnt is the proud developer of this game. This developer has been around for quite a while and has created a lot of amazing games in the past. NetEnt’s operation is divided into three: NetEnt Casino, NetEnt Touch and NetEnt Live Casino. NetEnt Casino is concerned with the development of normal online games. NetEnt touch is concerned with the development of online casino games for mobile devices. NetEnt Live Casino is concerned with developing live casino games like the present game.

About the Game

This is a slots game that does its best to simulate the real life experiences of a land-based casino right to your computer screen. NetEnt is able to achieve this by making use of a live dealer and live blackjack Cards. Players can also interact by making use of the chat feature made available by this casino.

Playing this game is the same as playing a normal game of Blackjack. This means that the aim of the game is to get a hand value that more than the dealer’s but isn’t less than twenty one. If you are familiar with the normal rules of conventional blackjack, you should have no problem in gaining mastery of this game.

The game has seven players per table. A player cannot have more than one slot. If you refuse to make a bet after three rounds, you would be given a warning after which you would be removed and be replaced by other players that are available.


Live Blackjack Standard High Roller is a game that would bring literally bring the best of Vegas gaming to your computer screen.

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