Live Immersive Roulette is Evolution Gaming’s attempt at shaking up the staid online Roulette scene by enhancing the already considerable appeal and immersive quality of the gameplay. This is made possible by the strategic placement of multiple HD cameras, as well as a few gameplay tweaks that are nearly magical in effect!
Read on for a detailed overview of this game.

Live Free With Live Immersive Roulette!

Roulette can be a rather fascinating game with a lot of variants. It has taken to the online gaming revolution like a duck to water and can be quite immersive.

However, the current immersive level does not appear to be to the liking of the folks at Evolution Gaming. As a result, the Live Immersive Roulette was created and released.

This online Roulette variant aims at ratcheting up the suspense to a nearly unbearable level and is slick! Like most other online Roulette variants, multiple HD cameras are employed here, with the quality being set at 200 fps. Once the Roulette wheel gets spun into action by the dealer, these cameras immediately zoom in and slickly broadcast each and every bounce, jiggle and movement of the ball as it goes hither and thither.

Once the ball finally stops, the last few seconds are replayed in slow-motion. This is a nifty trick that lets winners confirm that their eyes are not playing tricks on them after all!

Live Immersive Roulette Comes To Town!

Evolution Gaming’s Live Immersive Roulette can be accessed on desktop, as well as on mobile and tablets. This considerably broadens the pool of potential players.

It is accessible 24/7, can be launched directly from the given web page and has a betting grid that can be swiftly folded away. Auto zoom capability is supported, as are different shot angles and different camera-shot sequences.

Shown on the screen are the results of the last 50 to 500 games, with this apparently letting players judge the current hot and cold numbers. A trio of game modes is additionally supported- betting mode, video mode and HD mode.

Final Thoughts

Live Immersive Roulette appears to live up to its name and renders a rather immersive online Roulette experience via its multiplicity of HD cameras. Gameplay is smooth and easy enough, and the action can be as fast-paced or slow as players require.

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