With an attractive design and some special symbols, Lock A Luck slot game is currently popular with gamers online! It is currently available at Jackpot Casino

The idea behind Lock A Luck 

You will certainly feel the excitement of playing the classic slots game at a conventional, old-fashioned casino when playing Lock A Luck. Provided by Microgaming, this game was created based on the standard slots game one expects to enjoy at an old-fashioned casino with the classic slots symbols and classic slots music, Lock A Luck at Jackpot Paradise is as exciting if not more than playing slots at a conventional casino. 

About Lock A Luck slots game 

Lock A Luck is extremely impressive; the visual effect is bright and engaging, the background music is bright and lively, and the game comes with a number of unique special features. 

If we have to talk about the basic design, it comes with a basic 5 reel board with 3 rows which culminate in as many as 243 ways to win. Players can start with as little as 0.20 per spin or go up to 60.0 to get the best winnings of up to 160,000 coins or 80,000 credits. The excitement of the spinning symbols and the bright lights builds up the anticipation adding to the excitement of playing the game! 

The symbols and the unique special effect 

Lock A Luck has all the symbols you can expect from a classic slots game. This includes most of the symbols people associate with luck and profit. The top-three valuable symbols include the diamond, the red seven and the horseshoe. And as you are playing you will come across other luck symbols including the four-leaf clover, the double cherries, etc. Finally, the unique Locked Reel feature makes playing the game enjoyable and profitable too. 

Locked Reel Bonus

Incidentally, this one of a kind slots game doesn’t come with classic special features like wilds, scatters and free spins bonuses. But thanks to the Locked Reel bonus feature one doesn’t even feel the absence of the classic special features. This allows adjacent reels selected at random to spin together while also displaying the same symbols at the end of the spin. This immensely boosts the win chance.


Thus, we can say that the Lock A Luck is absolutely unique and amazing even though it doesn’t come with familiar and expected features. The Lock Reel feature is exciting and worth playing the game for. 

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