LotsALoot 5 Reel

The game explained below is a video casino coin slot machine with five total reels and 25 pay lines to play on. This is an exciting game as it contains a progressive jackpot that accumulates until somebody wins. The inclusion of this jackpot makes the potential for a big win very real. This game also includes a wild symbol that increases the chances for winnings.

How to Play LotsALoot 5 Reel

As with other slot machines, the goal of this game is for the player to activate the reels so that they spin to line up and form winning patterns. Payouts to the player will depend on what combo is formed when the reels stop.
Players can select the amount of pay lines that they would like to bet on simply by clicking and selecting the appropriate line number. There is also a feature available that players can use to straight up increase the number of lines that should be enabled for the game.
Placing a bet is as simple as selecting the coin size and adjusting the coin number. A player has an option to raise or lower the coin size as well as the amount by easy-to-use buttons included in the game’s interface.
Using the most amount of money allowed on a single bet is supported by a bet max button that the slot machine contains as well. Using this button will make the game start on its own.
Click spin to otherwise start the game normally. The reels of the game start to spin and will land on certain icons.
If a player has a winning pattern, they earn the indicated amount that the game displays. This will be added to their winnings box.
If no pattern happens that is a winner, the current session will stop and players are free to start a new game.

Features of LotsALoot 5 Reel


The LotsaLoot symbol takes its place as the wild symbol of the game. This symbol assists in completing winning patterns by replacing other normal icons that would otherwise not form a win. Another benefit of this symbol is that it creates its own pattern that wins when the player lands a group of wilds on a pay line. Take note that only one pattern will be paid out per line. The player earns the highest win only from each pay line of the game.


If a player happens to land five LotsaLoot wild symbols that all line up on the 25th pay line, they will win the progressive jackpot. In order to win this jackpot, players have to bet 25 coins on each spin. This jackpot will constantly accumulate from each game played until the lucky player wins it all.
The game will display the current amount that the progressive jackpot stands at to players.

Rules of the Game

Please note for this particular game that the coin size available is 0.10 only.
Players can only bet a single coin on each pay line.
If the player encounters an error, their winnings are void.
Betting takes place in the form of coins, but the progressive jackpot is shown in credits.
Patterns are considered winners start from the left of the slot and end on the right of the slot. This means that players must have an included symbol on the first reel.

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