Louisiana Double

This is a fun and unique game that is played with one deck containing 53 playing cards that will be shuffled before the start of each game. The game follows the rules of standard video poker. It features a double card as well as a double feature. The game also offers players a maximum payout of up to 2500 coins.

How to Play Louisiana Double

The main objective of this game follows along the lines of poker, where the player is working to have the best hand possible. The winning payout for each hand that the player has is dependent upon the strength of the current hand. There is a game payouts section that will show players how each hand is ranked.
If a player has a winning hand, they are able to expand on their winnings by playing the game’s double feature.
As far as placing bets goes, the player starts out by changing the coin size to what they want. There is an increase symbol and a decrease symbol to perform this function.
Next, the number of coins to be bet is selected on the game’s payout table.
Once bets are in place, the player continues by pressing the deal button. Five cards called a decision hand will be dealt out face up.
The player may select any of these cards that they wish to hold. To de-select a card, it may be simply clicked again.
Pressing the draw button will replace any cards that were not held with new cards from the game deck.
Lastly, the player’s hand is reviewed. Winning hands have two options. Either a player can collect the winnings, or they can try their luck with the double feature.
If a hand does not win, this will end the game and a new game may be started.

Features of Louisiana Double


If a player lands a double card during their game session as part of a winning hand, this card will instantly double the winning combination. However, it does not act as a wild card. The doubling factor associated with this card is unconditional and automatically applied.


This feature is available whenever a player finishes a game with a winning hand. The goal behind the double feature is for the player to draw a card that contains a higher value than the card belonging to the dealer. Players can continue the double feature until they lose to the dealer, or until they reach a set casino doubling limit. During this feature, five new cards are dealt, with only the dealer’s card face up. The player is allowed to select any one of the four cards that remain face down.
After the player selects their card, the remaining cards are turned over, with the player’s card being highlighted. If the player’s card is higher than the dealer’s card, the player wins double their amount. If both cards result in a tie, the player’s winnings stay the same and they have the option to play again. In the case of the player’s card being lower than the dealer’s card, the double feature will end and the player is returned to the normal poker game.

Rules of the Game

All values of hands and how they rank compared to each other can be researched within the game’s information.
The double card is not wild. Therefore, it will not substitute for any other card in the deck to form a winning combination. It merely doubles the payout of a winning combo that already exists.
Any errors experienced during the course of play will result in the cancellation of all winnings and plays.

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