Love Bugs

This casino game is an online video slot machine modeled after real life Vegas slots. The game contains 25 total pay lines as well as five reels altogether. It has quite a few features that are included, ranging from special symbols that form wild combinations and scatter combinations to the popular gamble feature and even a unique bonus game.

How to Play Love Bugs

The idea behind the game is for players to form winning patterns by making the reels spin and lining up the right symbols next to each other. This, in turn, will reward the player with the corresponding payout.
Players will need to select the number of pay lines that they wish to bet on. This can be done by either using the lines plus or minus symbols, or instantly betting on the most lines by pressing max.
Bets are placed by using the bet plus or minus icon that the game has to change the credits.
The max button should also be used to immediately bet the most credits possible. In doing so, the game will also instantly start.
Without using the max feature, players should start the game by pressing spin. Players will know that the game is working when they see the reels start to spin.
A pattern of symbols that is considered a winner shall be highlighted on the interface, and the appropriate payout will be awarded to the player and shown in their win box.
A spin that produces no winning patterns will stop the game and the player has the ability to begin a new session.

Features of Love Bugs


This bonus game requires that two different symbols be shown in certain spots on the reels. A Love Bug symbol has to be displayed on reel number five and a Lady Bug symbol has to be displayed on reel number one. Once this happens, the bonus game will be activated. It is up to the player to select random objects that will reveal bonus wins, free spins, and multiplier values. Flowers will give the player bonus amounts. Necklaces will award players with free spins. Diamond rings give players a 2x multiplier.


In this game, there are actually two types of wild symbols, the Love Bug and the Lady Bug. The Lady Bug only shows up on the first reel and the Love Bug only shows up on the fifth reel. The symbols will work to complete winning patterns, but they will not replace the scatter icon. Both icons together will enable the bonus game.


The game contains a scatter icon that will award payouts when at least two of these icons appear during a single spin. This icon is represented by the Heart symbol. A win is created no matter where the symbols are positioned. However, this icon does not replace either of the wild symbols.


Lastly, the game’s gamble feature gives players the potential to increase their winnings by guessing the color or suit of a card. Every time a player wins the normal game, they have up to five opportunities to play the gamble feature. A correct guess of the color doubles the win and a correct guess of the suit will quadruple the win.

Rules of the Game

Winning patterns must be left to right and also happen in a consecutive order.
All payouts the players receive will be in credits.
Any game error voids all wins.
The gamble feature is no longer available when a set amount limit is reached.

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