Lucky Numbers

This game is considered an instant win card game. It consists of two sub-games that have different objectives. Game one requires that the player matches three symbols up to claim a win. Game two’s goal is to hit the gong so that it displays a special 8 symbol to be a winner. Players are allowed to complete the game in the order that they choose. Before a new card can be selected, all games must be finished. A particularly appealing part of this game is the potential multiplier that can go up to a value of 8 888x.

How to Play Lucky Numbers

The player adjusts their bet by increasing or decreasing the amount. This is done by using the plus sign and minus sign symbol that are included in the game.
A new card containing two games is shown by pressing the New Card button.
Either one of the two games can be played. Payouts won by the player are exclusive to each game.
Players can use the Reveal All button to instantly uncover every symbol.
If a game is won, the winnings are paid out and the next game can be played.
If a game is not won, the player will simply move on to the next game.
Winning payouts are displayed in the game’s Win section.

Features of Lucky Numbers


During game one, panels are shown in a group of six. In order to win, the player needs to match up three symbols. Each card only pays out one winner. This means that if more than one winning combo is present during the game, the highest payout is the only one rewarded.


Game two will simply present a gong to the player. The sole objective of this game is to hit the gong to reveal the special 8 symbol. When this symbol hits, the game gives a multiplier amount to the player that combines with the total bet wagered. These combine and are added to the winnings.

Rules of the Game

Players have the option of playing either game first.
Only one card can be played during a single session before moving on to a new one.
In order for a new card to be available, both games must be finished.
It is up to the player to randomly select objects in order to unveil the multiplier amounts.
All multipliers are added up as a whole and given to the player as a total amount.
All wins and play are cancelled in the case of an error in the game.

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