Lucky Witch

This casino game belongs to the category of video slot machines. It features a total of 15 pay lines and five game reels. It is slot machine played up to 300 corns. Some of the many features include the mystery bonus came, scatter icon, wild multiplier, and free spins. All of these together give this game some real winning potential.

How to Play Lucky Witch

The objective of this game is very common and it involves playing the game by spinning its reels so that icons will line up to form winning patterns. These patterns will then reward the player with payouts depending on the value.
Clicking the lines button will get a player going by allowing them to select the number of pay lines they would like to bet on.
Placing a bet starts off by determining the coin size. The game has increase and decrease buttons to perform this function.
The coins button is used to confirm the actual amount of single coins that a player wants to bet on the game.
This game also has the bet max feature to instantly wager the top amount of coins possible on a single spin. This button also automatically starts the game.
Clicking spin will start the game normally. The reels are activated and will land on random icons.
Winning patterns will be indicated on the reels and the appropriate payout will be given to the player.
If there is no winning pattern during a spin, the current game ends and the player will have to start again.

Features of Lucky Witch


The scatter icon offered by the game takes the form of a Potion symbol. This icon will complete a winning scatter when at least two appear during a spin. In addition, the symbol is responsible for starting a free spins bonus game when at least three symbols show up on the game reels. This symbol cannot replace a wild multiplier.


Another nice feature in the game is an icon that acts as a wild symbol and also multiplies winnings. It is represented by the Lucky Witch symbol. When it completes a winning pattern, it will also double the payout that the player receives. In addition, it can also form a unique pattern consisting of all wild symbols that will pay out, but these payouts are not doubled. This icon even creates a wild symbol stack on the same reel.


The bonus feature in the game happens when three Cauldron symbols show up on the fifth reel, third reel, and first reel of the game. It is possible to win as many as 30,000 coins in the bonus game. The player will be given a sub game at random. This game will determine how much the player wins.


Last on the list is the free spins game. This is activated when at least three Potion symbols appear during one spin. The player gets 13 free spins and more spins can be activated while playing.

Rules of the Game

The player has the option to wager up to 20 coins on a pay line.
Only the highest win on each pay line is given to the player.
Wins pay out left to right and must happen with the icons aligned consecutively.
Errors in the game will cancel all plays and winnings.

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