Maid O Money

Rules of the Game are featured below for this online casino slot machine. It is a video slot that comes with a total of five reels and allows the player to wager a bet on as many as 25 pay lines. The primary extra in this game is the cashpot feature, which has a lot of potential to reward players with large wins.

How to Play Maid O Money

The goal of this game follows the tradition of most slot machines where the player’s objective is to earn payouts by forming winning symbol patterns on each enabled pay line from the game.
Bets and pay lines can be adjusted by using the featured plus and minus symbols that the game’s interface provides. The symbols are lined up next to their corresponding fields.
To increase a line or a bet, click the plus icons.
To decrease a line or a bet, click the minus icons.
Players can also automatically wager the maximum amount of bets and play the most number of pay lines by using the max symbols for each one.
When the player is ready to begin the game, they should click the spin button. This will activate all the reels and start the game.
Winning combos will award the player with appropriate payouts. These payouts will be combined and given to the player as a total.
If no winning patterns are created during the course of the game, the session currently being played is over and the player can start again.

Features of Maid O Money


The main feature of this game is the cashpot feature. During the game, players will look for a bag symbol that appears on the fifth reel which will increase cashpot amounts by as much as three times the initial bet. The feature is enabled when two logo symbols and a bag symbol or three logo symbols appear in the game simultaneously.
Players will earn 10 free spins and a bet bonus when this feature is played. During the free spins, all wins are doubled. The cashpot feature can only be enabled during a normal game. After the free spins are over, the cashpot amount is reset. Any wins accrued during the free spins are added to the normal pay line wins.

Rules of the Game

The Logo symbol shows up on the middle three reels only.
The Bag symbol will only appear on the game’s fifth reel.
Only the highest winning combo on each pay line is awarded to the player.
Winning patterns only count from the left to the right, and symbols must be consecutive.
All winnings are paid out according to the game’s paytable.
Errors cancel out any wins earned during a game session.

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