Mike Tyson Roulette is one among the many popular online table games. It can be considered as the bonus variation of the popular online game named Roulette. Mike Tyson was recognised as one of the most popular boxers of all time and seeing his craze among the players, Inspired gaming has launched a new Roulette which is entirely based on skills of boxing. The players can play with min bet of £1.00 to a max bet of £100.00 per spin. Interestingly, players can also use the option to bet on a single number or a range of numbers.

Fight And Win With Mike Tyson Roulette!

Mike Tyson Roulette has superb graphics with a great gameplay and amazing soundtrack which makes the game entertaining. To begin with the game, a player has to select a number or a group of numbers for placing the bets. After that, you need to make the wheel spin. Similar to Roulette, a player is rewarded if the ball lands on the numbers which the player has chosen in the beginning. The reward is equal to the sum which is dependant on the odds of the bets.

A More Closer Look At Game!

When after the spin, the ball lands on Mike Tyson, then players are taken to the bonus rounds. This bonus round can reward nice payouts to the maximum of £500.

The bonus round comes with 4 different punching bags that includes payouts with different amounts attached to them. The player needs to punch bags to win the prizes. After every punch, player has the option of taking the payouts that would fall off while punching. Players should collect the payout only if they are not sure enough of making it through the next round.

The various additional features will automatically mean placing the bets with different variations on the board. The additional features in the game consist of special bets like neighbour bets, the scatter bets, lucky dips, perfect bets and the new punches.

To Sum Up

Mike Tyson Roulette have various bonus features and the special bets in the game are really enjoyable and attracting. Along with this, the procedure for betting in the game is also easily understandable. Players all across quite love this variation of Roulette. This online game is compatible with mobile, tablets and iPhones. Check it once and you will never forget the beautiful experience.

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