Monster Mania

This featured game is a video casino slot machine that contains five total reels as well as nine pay lines. The casino game plays up to nine coins. It comes with a few features including a scatter icon and a wild icon to increase the chances of winning payouts for every player.

How to Play Monster Mania

This game follows the procedure of many other slot machines in that its goal is to form winning combos through lining up the right symbols on pay lines that have been enabled by the player.
Players start by wagering their bet amount. This is first done by selecting the pay lines that they would like to play. Then, the player can increase the number of pay lines also by using the select lines icon.
The next step is to change the coin size. Coin sizes can be raised or lowered by using the game’s assigned buttons. The player also changes the total number of coins with the icons that are provided in the game’s interface.
Those who want to wager a maximum bet without the extra steps can simply press the bet max icon. This maxes out the coin amount and starts the game.
Without using bet max, players can start the game by pressing spin. This will activate the game by spinning each reel so that symbols will be displayed at random.
Players with a winning pattern will be paid out accordingly and the results will be shown in the box designated for winnings.
Any player that does not have a winning pattern will have the current game session stopped. The player has the option to begin a new game.

Features of Monster Mania


This game features a special icon that is designated to form what are called scatter wins. This icon is represented by the Scatter Brain symbol. Players will win a certain amount when at least three of these icons show up at any position during a single spin. This combo goes together with the player’s bet to create the total payout. This icon will not replace a wild symbol.


Another feature that this game offers is an icon considered to be the wild symbol. It will show up in the form of the Monster Wild symbol. Its positioning is a bit exclusive, as it only shows up on the three reels in the center of the game. Unfortunately, this symbol will also not create its own special win pattern by itself. If more than one wild win occurs on a pay line, only the highest combo will be given to the player. Wild symbols are unable to take the place of scatter symbols.

Rules of the Game

Due to this game’s set guidelines, players are only allowed to wager one coin per enabled line.
At least three scatter icons will form a win during one spin regardless of position.
A malfunctioning game means that all winnings are voided out from the entire session.
All winning patterns must start on the left and end on the right.

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