Multi-hand Classic Blackjack Gold

Played with five usual packs, each with 52 cards that are shuffled prior to any game, this classic blackjack offers everything that a player needs from the multi-hand blackjack. The main goal of this gold series is to get a hand which is higher than the dealer’s hand. Or, to get the dealer to have a hand that’s over 21.

How to Play Multi-hand Classic Blackjack Gold

At most 5 hands can be played at the same time.
It isn’t possible to give up a hand, i.e. surrender.
The value of 17 brings the dealer the time to stand, i.e. not take cards anymore.
A player chooses the size of the chips using chip selection button.
A player sets the bet amount by clicking on the betting circle.
If a player wants to increase the betting amount, he must press the desired betting.
Holding the shift button and pressing the desired bet will decrease/remove it the betting amount.
Rebet sets the betting amount that’s of the same value as in the last game.
Clear bets button deletes the betting.
Two cards are given to the player and one to the dealer once deal button is pressed.
The player has a choice of asking for an additional card (hit button), standing, i.e. not receiving other cards (stand button), dividing his hand to two other hands, (split button- this is possible only if the cards are valued the same; it can be used just once per game), placing the side bet, which is identical to a regular one (double down button), placing the side bet as an insurance against the dealer’s blackjack, provided that the dealer’s 1st card is ace (take insurance button) and not placing the side when the dealer’s 1st card is ace (not take insurance button).
There is an option when both hands are identical, i.e. have the same values (push). Then the player gets his betting amount back.
3:2 odds are valid for the blackjacks, 1:1 for the standard winnings and 2:1 for the insurance winnings.

Rules of the Game

The strongest hand will automatically stand, when either a player or dealer gets it. It’s blackjack. It cannot be beaten. But it can be matched. Then the player gets his bet money back.
Two cards with the same value can be split.
If the 1st 2 cards are hard hand, the player can double down. Splitting the hand hinders double down possibility.
Maximum 5 hands can be played at the same time in every game.
King, Jack and queen bring a value of ten.
Ace brings either one or eleven.
One hand can have eleven cards at most.
If after eleven cards, the hand is less than twenty one, that hand will stand.
The value of 17 brings the dealer the time to stand, i.e. not take cards anymore.
Blackjack hands, made of ace + king/queen/jack, automatically stand.
Double down gives the player an opportunity to stand after receiving a third card. This option is not possible after the player has split his hand.
Insurance against the blackjack is possible; it means having to stake half of the original bet. If the player is right, he gets paid at the odds of 2:1. If not, the fee is taken and the play continues.
In case of technical malfunction, the games are cancelled.

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