Multiplayer Roulette

This is a classic table game featuring numbered pockets that range from 0 to 36 on the wheel. The game can be played through the live casino where it has a live dealer. This particular version is a multiplayer game as well, which means players will play against each other in the community. Its rules follow the standard European style Roulette. Some great features of the game include call bets, neighbor bets, and a bets track, as well as an Autobet feature.

How to Play Multiplayer Roulette

Each player will first start by placing a bet. This can be done by selecting the chip size that should be bet in the Chip Selection area.
To place a regular bet, a player simply clicks on a position on the table.
Placing a neighbor bet on the bets track is done by selecting the appropriate number. The neighboring bets will be placed automatically on the table in the right position on either side of the number.
In order to place a call bet, the player will select the required call bet that they want on the bets track. The bets will be automatically placed on the Roulette table in the desired position.
If a player wants to increase a bet, they will simply click on the desired bet to change it. This will increase the chip pile that was selected and the amount will be reflected on the player’s screen.
A player must confirm their bet by selecting the confirm button. This will ensure that all bets are correct before the game starts.
Any bets that should be removed or reduced can be changed by right clicking the mouse on that specific bet. This will make the chip pile decrease or be removed altogether.

Features of Multiplayer Roulette


Inside bets are placed on any number on the table, ranging from the number zero to the number thirty six. These bets can be placed ranging from one number to six numbers, changing the player’s odds.


Outside bets are placed outside of the table layout, such as selecting different colors or different columns. Bets can also be placed on odd numbers or even numbers as a whole group.


This game also has an automated feature that will automatically run the game for the player, depending on how many games they choose. The player will select their chip size and place the desired bet. After this is done, the Roulette game will run on its own for the player.

Rules of the Game

Players will have a set time during which they must place and confirm their bets.
Any bets that are not confirmed during the set betting time will not count towards the next game being played.
The standard rules of European roulette are observed in this game.
The game’s ball must complete at least six revolutions on the wheel during each game, or the game is subject to being void.
If an error occurs, any winnings obtained throughout the game will be canceled.

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