Oriental Fortune

The game featured below is a video slot machine based on the games that can be played in casinos around the world. This particular game has five reels total, five total pay lines, and is considered a five coin slot machine. A couple features present in this game include a regular payout that can reach as much as 5000 coins as well as a special symbol that acts as a wild icon.

How to Play Oriental Fortune

The primary objective of this game follows the standard goal of most slot machines. Players try to match up winning icons by spinning reels in order to collect the earned payouts.
The total number of pay lines to be played can be changed. This is done by either clicking the line number to select the desired amount or by increasing pay lines using the special icon that the game provides.
Adjusting a bet is facilitated by additional icons in the game. The first step is to assign a coin size, which is performed by using minus and plus symbols to adjust to what the player wants. Next, players will want to decide on the number of coins to wager and this can be changed by using the icon that says coins plus and minus.
Players are able to make the biggest bet possible by pressing the bet max button. This eliminates unnecessary steps and also begins the game instantly.
In the case that the bet max button is not used, a player will start the game by clicking spin. Once this is done, the player will see the reels start to spin to reveal random symbols.
If a player scores a win, that win will be shown on the interface and the payout will be added to the winnings in the designated box.
Spins that do not produce a winning pattern will end the game. Players then have the option to start over again.

Features of Oriental Fortune


The main feature of the game is a special icon referred to as the wild symbol. So that players can easily identify it, this icon is represented by the Geisha symbol. It will allow patterns on the reels to be completed for a win by acting as a substitute for normal symbols. However, this symbol will not create its own winning pattern. It must be included amongst the other standard icons on the pay line.

Rules of the Game

During this game, players are permitted to bet only one coin on each pay line.
Only the highest winning payout on each pay line is awarded to the player per spin.
Winning patterns are only formed when the icons line up consecutively.
A malfunctioning game session cancels out every win and play.

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