Phantom Cash

The game featured below belongs to the family of online casino slot machines. It consists of 25 pay lines and five reels total. It is also a 500 coin slot machine. The handful of features offered by the game include a scatter icon, a bonus game with free spins, and a wild icon that also acts as a special multiplier.

How to Play Phantom Cash

The common goal of slot machines is to form winning combos on the pay lines, and this game is no different. Players will try to line up the right symbols next to each other so that they earn the winning payouts from the game.
Placing a bet is done by clicking the left or right arrows to determine the number of coins to be played on each pay line that is enabled.
Click the bet button. This will allow players to decide on the coin size and confirm it by using the relative left or right arrows in the game.
As far as the actual number of coins, this can be adjusted by using similar left and right arrows to change to the desired number of coins that a player wants to use.
Upon clicking spin, the reels are activated and the game session begins.
Winning patterns will have their amounts displayed on the interface. The total winnings will be added together and put in the win box for the player to see.
Any spin that does not produce a winning pattern will end the game session. The player then has the ability to start a new game if they want to.

Features of Phantom Cash


The game has two icons that are considered wild symbols and also have another role as multipliers. They take the form of the Thurmingham symbol and the Carstairs symbol. These two icons will only appear on the fifth and first reels of the game. The Thurmingham symbol appears on reel one and the Carstairs symbol appears on reel five. The symbols will double the payout of any pattern they complete as a wild. Neither of these symbols can replace the scatter icon featured in the game.


When a player hits at least three House symbols during a spin, this will activate a free spins bonus game. This game gives players the potential to win 2x multiplier values and also 4x multiplier values, depending on how many ghosts they capture during the game. A multiplier value is given for each captured ghost. Another perk is that more free spins can be gained while playing the bonus game.


Another feature the game has is a special scatter icon. In this game, it is represented by the House symbol. The icon, when landing on the reels at least three times, will form a winning pattern that combines with the player’s normal bet to make a special payout. It also is responsible for activating the free spins bonus game. This icon does not replace the wild multiplier.

Rules of the Game

If the game experiences an error, it will cancel out all winnings that the player has accrued.
Players can bet as many as 20 coins on each enabled pay line.
Winning patterns must start at the left of the game and the end at the right of the game to count. Icons in these patterns must line up consecutively.
Only the highest winning combo from each payline is awarded to the player.

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