This game belongs to the family of instant win card games. It features three games that each have their own unique winning aspects. Players enjoy the freedom playing the games in any particular order that they want. However, it should be noted that every game has to be completed before the player gets to start a new card. Multiplier values are combined with bets and these totals will be paid out.

How to Play Pharaoh’s Gems

Typically, these card games are simple to play, and this game is no different. Starting out, a bet should be placed by adjusting the number of credits to be used. There are designated symbols to change the credit amount in the game.
A new card will be shown to start the game by pressing New Card. Three games occur on each card.
The player is free to select any game to start with. That specific game’s winnings are exclusive to that game only.
A winning game pays out and the player moves on.
A losing game does not pay out but the player will still move on to another game.
All earnings shall be shown in the Win area.

Features of Pharaoh’s Gems


This game involves the very simple process of opening a special chest to complete the game. The chest contains a jewels that will award players with a multiplier amount that can be as high as 500x added together with the player’s bet.


Game two will give players a total of three vases to use. The goal of this game is to match a symbol up with the game’s winning symbol to be rewarded with a multiplier of up to 2 000x.


The third game is potentially the most rewarding, as it features a possible 5 000x multiplier that will be combined with the wagered bet. A bust is shown and it is opened to reveal the rewarding treasure inside.

Rules of the Game

Players are only allowed to play one card at a single time.
Games can be completed in any desired order.
In order to receive a new card, all three of the previous games must be completed.
Totals of winnings shown are paid out.
Multiplier amounts that are awarded are based on what the player selects.
Each game will pay out winnings when it is over.
Credits are the sole form of payment during the game.
Any error experienced during the session will cancel the rest of the game and winnings will be voided.

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