Pick ‘n’ Switch

Pick ‘n’ Switch is an online game that is played with five balls that are drawn at random.

How to play Pick ‘n’ Switch

The player draws balls from the tank. If five of the balls have the same color in three (3), the prize is won according to the multiplier value. The winnings the player ends up with are the dependent on this multiplier and the amount of their original bet.

There are many combinations and ways to win in Pick ‘n’ Switch, and four main colors available. Each color in Pick ‘n’ Switch has its own value which effects the winning multiplier.

The player has the choice to decide which color they would like to hold in each round, but only one color can be chosen and the balls that form the winning combination must all be of this color.

All balls of the color chosen by the player are held automatically by the game, and the player does not need to manually select them. The round ends when 5 balls are successfully drawn in the color that the player has selected.

Features of Pick ‘n’ Switch

Pick ‘n’ Switch features and – and = button that they player can use to select the amount which they want to bet. They then click the play button to start the gaming process. Five balls are drawn in the first round, and the player selects which color they would like to bet on.

The player then click ‘draw’ subsequent times to redraw each round. Each round the player can select which balls to keep and which to replace. The game ends when the player wins by having a winning combination, or when the third drawing is complete, at which point the game is over.

Rules of the Game

If at any time the game malfunctions in any way, the payouts are deemed void and the player will not win any money.

Payouts are in credits, not currently, because the game can be player in various territories, each who have their own unique currency.

There is a limit to the highest amount the player can bet and hence the amount a player can win in any one game of Pick ‘n’ Switch.

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