Piggy Fortunes

Piggy Fortunes is a five reel, 25 payline online slot machine that has a whopping three hundred and seventy five coin capacity. It is based on the popular folk tale of the three little pigs and their house building adventures.
It boasts a wild symbol, a scatter symbol and a bonus game called ‘Big Bad Wolf’

How to play Piggy Fortunes

To play Piggy Fortunes, the player must first place a bet but pressing the plus and minus button until the desired amount of credits is reached.
They then click the spin button and the five reels of Piggy Fortunes are set in motion. The reels stop after spinning, the combination or combinations they display in the pay lines that the player has selected determine what happens next.

If there is an amount displayed in a winning combination, the player wins that amount multiplied by the bet amount they selected.

Features of Piggy Fortunes

Piggy Fortunes features a wild symbol that takes the shape of a wolf. The symbol substitutes for other symbols and can complete a players winning combination on pay lines selected. If the player gets several wild symbols in a row, they do not form their own winning combination.

The symbol featuring three little pigs functions as a scatter symbol. It allows a player to complete a winning combination across different pay lines over three or more reels. It also activates the Big Bad Wolf bonus game.

The Big Bad Wolf bonus game, triggered by the three little pigs scatter symbol, gives the player free spins and adds further multipliers to those spins. A straw house gives twice the value. A wood house gives three times the value and airing house pays four times the regular value during this phase of the game.

If there are three or more little pig symbols in the bonus game spins, the pigs will rebuild the house and restart the amount of free spins the player is using for that game.

The Big Bad Wolf bonus game ends when all the houses of the three little pigs are blown down by the wolf.

The Piggy fortunes bonus game cannot be reactivated during the players bonus attempt.

Rules of the Game

Piggy Fortunes has a maximum of fifteen coins bet per each of its pay lines.
Winning scatter combinations can appear in any order in the reels.
Payout tables in Piggy Fortunes are multipliers of the player original bet. The value of credits depends on the place where the player has engaged with the game and can be variable.
A malfunction in the game at any time voids the prizes won in Piggy Fortunes in that spin and any free spins the player may have accrued at the time of the malfunction.

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