Plunder the Sea

Plunder the Sea is an instant win card game that was created by software company Microgaming. During the course of this game, players are given two bonus games that they can choose to play in whichever order they want. Players will have to play those games and complete them before requesting the next card.

How to Play Plunder the Sea

Players will select a card. Only one win combo will be paid out on each card. If more than one win occurs, only the highest win is awarded to the player. Placing a bet is done by adjusting the credits with the appropriate plus and minus buttons. Total credits bet will equal the total bet amount. The player begins a new session by clicking new card. Upon doing this, a card with the games will be revealed. Players will choose the game they want to start with and will move on to the next game whether they receive a winning payout or not. Winnings are added to the win box.

Features of Plunder the Sea

In the first game, six scratch panels are shown. The player must two match up three symbols in order to win the game. During the second game, a special treasure chest will be displayed to the player. This treasure chest shall be opened. If the player happens to find a golden fish inside, they will win the multiplier value on the total bet amount and the game will be considered won. Players get one winning combination paid out per card. If there is more than one possible winning combination on a card, players will be paid out the value of the highest combination only.

Rules of the Game

Players have the option to play the games in any order, but they can only bet on one card at a single time. Payouts accrued in each game are independent. All wins accumulated will be combined and displayed in the win box. Game errors void out every payout and play. All payouts will be in the form of credits.

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