Premier Racing

Premier Racing is developed by Microgaming and is a unique horse racing game. Players will bet on certain horses to win or at least place in a race. During the course of the game, players will be allowed to place a bet on more than just one race horse. It is also possible to wager both a place bet and a win bet on the same horse.

How to Play Premier Racing

Players will start out the game by making their bet. Clicking either the plus button or the minus button will increase or decrease the bet amount. Next, the bet is placed on any horse the player wants. Place bets and win bets can both be wagered. The race will begin once the player clicks start. If a player’s horse places or wins, the player will be paid out according to the bet amount that they made and the odds that were given on that particular horse. Players can play again by clicking new race. Players can also see a replay by clicking replay race.

Features of Premier Racing

Players have the option to wager a bet on more than one horse per race, up to the maximum allowed bet value. Payouts will depend on the bet type and the odds. A win bet placed on a horse is predicting that the horse will finish the race in first place. Place bets are wagered to predict that a horse will finish in either first, second, or third place in the race. Again, both bets can be put on the same horse.

Rules of the Game

The result of the race is randomly generated and independent of previous results. All payouts will be in the form of credits. Odds are also randomly generated per horse. Any error during the course of the game will void out player winnings.

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