Premier Trotting

Premier Trotting is a special horse race game created by Microgaming. Players will have the opportunity to place bets on horses either winning or placing as they race against each other. The player is permitted to place both place bets and win bets on a single horse, and multiple horses can be bet on.

How to Play Premier Trotting

The objective of the game is for players to bet on horses to win or come in at one of the top three positions. Bets are raised and lowered by using the plus and minus icons given in the game’s interface. The player can go with a standard bet, a forecast that, or a dual forecast bet. The race will begin when the start race button is clicked. When a player’s horse wins or places, that player is paid out based on odds on the horse and their bet amount. New race can be pressed to play a new game. Skip race lets players instantly view the final results. Replay race lets players see a replay of the previous competition.

Features of Premier Trotting

Win bets mean that the player is predicting the horse finishes the race coming in first place. A place bet means the player is predicting a finish in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place for the horse. Forecast bets let the player bet on two horses to specifically finish in first and second place. A dual forecast bet allows the player to bet on two horses finishing in either first or second place. Forecast bets and dual forecast bets are only available through expert mode.

Rules of the Game

All payouts are given to players in credits. The odds are randomly allocated for each horse. Payouts that the player wins will depend on the odds and the bet type. A game that malfunctions will cancel out all the player’s winnings.

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