Plunder the Pyramid Treasure

The Egyptians had an interesting theory about after life and this game, Pyramid Quest for Immortality is set into that era. Interestingly, the Pharaohs who were expected to come to life were buried with all their wealth. Even their mistress joined them in their tombs. The players are invited to unearth the treasures, wade off the evils and loot the riches to fill their own pockets.

Be ready to take on the role of a explorer to find the hidden riches of the Pharaohs.

About Pyramid Quest for Immortality

The layout of Pyramid Quest for Immortality is nothing like what you would expect a typical slot to be. It is shaped as a pyramid. The first reel has about three rows, second one is 4 rows, third is 5, fourth is 4 again and fifth is 3 rows. So, it is 5 reels stacked as 3-4-5-4-3. Interesting, isn’t it? As long as you get similar symbols from left to right on adjacent reels, you win!

What are the symbols you see? And what are their multipliers? You have hieroglyphics for 7 times, golden snakes for 8x, golden eagles for 10x and beetles for 15x. But what you must really hope to see is the Pharaoh who wins you 50x. And if you are lucky enough to spot his mistress you are in for a 25x. There are few other interesting symbols that guard their tomb. It includes Horus and Anubis. You hope not to see them often.

You can try the game for as low as 0.1 but if you are confident you can go upto 200 coins.

Features of Pyramid Quest for Immortality

There are very interesting features like Avalanche, Avalanche multiplier and Wild Generation.

The Avalanche works just like its name. It starts snowballing from top and as the symbols drop in place they are likely to form a winning line. If they do, you are in for yet another free avalanche. And there is no limit. As long as luck is by your side the avalanches continue to snowball.

When you get 3 wins from an avalanche you activate the multipliers starting 1x and that goes upto 10x. The highest pay out is a whopping 3600000 coins!

There are twists and turns to every element of the game and the wild is no exception. The wild is generated by the game itself. When a free avalanche is activated, a winning line in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reel helps generate a wild. Any one of symbols becomes a wild which replaces any symbol in the next rounds.


Designed for seasoned players, this Pyramid Quest for Immortality slot game has innovative elements to keep players interested. Once you get started, winning becomes a habit. Go back in time and set off on this Egyptian looting adventure

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