The Queen of the Castle slot it is about a lady who reigns over hills and dale and also hands out free spins and wins like they are going out of style! What a woman! Read on and see just what fun she gets up to in this online slot!

A Queen Of The Castle With Wins To Spare!

This online slot is made by NYX, has five reels, from three to four rows and 576 ways players can win. The featured icons are cartoonish and the reels are set in the massive door of the castle, with turrets at both sides.

The castle is located on an island in a lake and the high-value icons comprise the game’s logo, a purse of gold, a dog, a comfy red chair and four gems of different colours. The lower value icons, on the other hand, comprise the standard playing card values, and the wild is the Queen of the Castle herself. She also replaces all other icons save for the golden shield bonus icon.

Bonus Features

Free spins: Activating this requires players to land three shield bonus icons on the second, third and fourth reel. They are then rewarded with 14 free spins. The landed bonus icons are then substituted with a crown icon. As this icon lands on the reels, the meter on the towers located at either side of the reels fills up. The player is then granted the following upgrades:

Level One- Equates to a couple of extra free spins, in addition to an extra icon sited on reels 2, 3 and 4. The paylines also max out at 1125.

Level Two: same as above, but the paylines now reach 1944.

Level Three: Same as above, with the paylines now at 3087.

Level Four: grants up to six extra spins, with six more waiting to be triggered.

Red and Purple Chests: these possess the following features:

Red Chests: Here, all the low-value icons are erased from the second, third, fourth and fifth reel and are substituted with red chests. At the end of a spin, these chests become high-value icons.

Purple Chests: all the gem icons and the red chests to be seen on the first, second, third and fourth reels are supplanted with purple chests. Following a spin, these chests become high-value icons.

Locked Reels: This feature arbitrarily happens before a spin and features vines twisting around the second, third and fourth reels. These icons then match and stick together during the following spin.

Final Thoughts

The Queen of the Castle slot boasts simple graphics and lots of bonuses that helps prove that this particular queen has generous hands! The RTP is 96.51% and overall, the Queen of the Castle slot is one sweet playing slot you don’t want to miss!

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