The slot play of Reel Empire is something different and thought-provoking. How can a slot game get an adventure-themed rolling idea? Here, the entire slot is battle oriented with bows and arrows with a fight kindling behind the trees. Get the armours and be ready for an epic slot battle here at Reel Empire. 

Battle Gameplay

Here the slot battle is well formulated with precision layouts and symbol arrangements. Nothing can be seen as something odd. Each symbol has a reason to be here and it makes the entire slot pleasing and presenting. As the name suggests, the slot is about an empire and the battle which they are involved in. The battle is happening inside the woods and the slots too roll here. 

The slots are placed on a transparent background with Alphabet Royals and Knight symbols. There are also some low-valued cards too. The simplest which the players can do here is to sit back and make winning combinations. That’s the key for winning. 

A Spin can be triggered with a minimum bet sample of 0.20. 


There are multiple tiny features like the wilds and multipliers which push the slot to make more. These can make double the size of the former stakes of the players. Gold coins can also act like multipliers here. Collecting large amounts of gold coins leads to large reward points.

Bonus Features

The bonus feature here is directly linked with the Gold Coin feature. It is the Fully Wild Reel feature. When the gold coin pot gets filled, the reel below it will transform to a fully wild reel with a single coin being spent for every spin with full wilds.  

And fortunately, there are a lot of multipliers in here. Wilds in this slot game can offer multipliers up to 10x.

In addition to all this, there are jackpot rounds also. These can transform the previous wins to a massive reward which is twice higher than the former.


Reel Empire has nothing worse in it. It’s a well-constructed slot play with the right amount of features. The game is so easy that even the newcomers can trigger high. 

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