Retro Reels

Retro Reels offers a 400 coin slot machine game that will include 20 pay lines and 5 reels for play. In the pay lines that are selected the player will try to get a winning combination to earn winnings during the game play. Retro Reels will offer the features including scatter symbols, bonus games offering free spins and a re spin option during game play. All of these features will increase the players chances of getting a winning combination and also save money that would need to be used in order to spin for a combination.

How to Play Retro Reels

The goal of this game play is to spin the reels in the chance of getting a winning combination. Combinations will have winning pay outs which depend on the symbol values of the symbols, highest combination wins the spin.
Play instructions:
Select lines to pick the amount of pay lines you wish to play
Select the betting amount
Select spin to begin the spinning of the reels

Features of Retro Reels

Bonus Symbol & Free Spin Bonus Game

This symbol will help to complete a scatter of combinations when 2 or more appear on the reels. Whenever 2 or more of these symbols appear in 5 reels a bonus game will activate allowing for a free spin round.

Re Spin

The re spin can be used at the end of a spin for a second chance to get a winning combination. If re spins are available a person can re spin a reel multiple times during game play.

Rules of the Game

20 coins are allowed for a bet on each pay line
Any malfunction will void play and pay out

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