Rhyming Reels – Hearts & Tarts

Rhyming Reels – Hearts & Tarts is a casino slot machine that has five reels and you are able to select up to thirty lines to multiply your bet and winnings. If you are looking for a fun casino slot machine with over the top bonus features then this is the casino slot machine game for you.

How to Play Rhyming Reels Hearts and Tarts

The object of this game is the same as all slot machines game and that is to match the symbols in three or more combinations to win a specified amount. To play you must first select the number of lines you wish to bet up to the full thirty lines, then spin the reels and look for the symbols to match.

Features of Rhyming Reels Hearts and Tarts

Some of the better features of this casino slot machine can be seen in the Bonus round where three crown symbols are in sequence and on pay line. This will get you to the bonus spin rounds where you will multiply your earnings. Another feature of this game is the traditional Wild card symbol and multiplier. A wild card symbol will match any symbol combination, for example if you have three berries and a wild card symbol stops on that pay line you now have four berries.

Rules of the Game

The general rules to the game is simple. You can bet up to ten lines which will multiply your bet as well as the winnings. All winnings are paid on the pay line with the symbols meeting the amount of symbols needed. The winnings are voided on all malfunctions. These are the general rules to this casino slot game.

With the ability to multiply your winnings on ten lines of play and the bonus round where you are able to win up to 2000 coins, you can see why this is one of the top casino slot games that will offer you hours of pleasure.

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