The world of mythology is back to interest its gamers with the latest creation, Ring of Odin being created on the right features to keep the crowds engaged. The foundation of this game has been laid upon Norse mythology and has been designed over 5 reels with 10 payout lines. These aid in helping the gamers collect their huge cash rewards raked at different points during the game. There is 2 re-spins feature in the game, which can direct towards foresight free spins and multiplier free spins, with the multipliers having the capacity to expand up to 9x.

Basic layout

The game has been focused upon the Norse god of wisdom, poetry, death and magic, Odin. The aim of this game is to wield the enchanting powers of Odin’s most treasured possession, the magic ring Draunpir which has the ability to replicate itself. The graphics and animations of the game are in top-notch quality. These have been set against a rocky backdrop, which allows the gears to gain a glimpse at the mighty god perched on either side of the reel.


The symbols of this game include a balanced set of high and low paying symbols. The low paying symbols of the game include, rune stones, wolf guards called Geri and Freki, messenger ravens called Huginn and Muninn along with Odin’s eight-legged horse Sleipnir and magical spear Gungnir. The spear is one of the most rewarding symbols of the game which can pay about 4 to 50 times the original stake for 32 to 5 of its kind.

Special features

The Odin’s ring feature provides a respin along with a selected symbol. If the Odin multiplies into 9 rings, then the player has the ability to get 9 re-spins in the Drupnir re-spins feature along with the mega symbol. The foresight free spins feature along with Odin’s ring feature being essential parts for each free spin. The multiplier free spins feature of the game has multipliers up to 9x.

Bonus feature

The Odin’s sing feature can get activated randomly during any base game, especially when the ring appears on the centre reels, thus allowing the players to receive a single re-spin.


The game has all the right features to keep the players engaged and invested in its unique gameplay.

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