This is a widely popular live casino game that is based on the European style of Roulette. It consists of a wheel containing spaces that are numbered from zero to thirty six and also have different colors assigned to them. This game is especially entertaining as it takes place with a live dealer, simulating a real life casino environment. It has a bets track, neighbor bets, and call bets, allowing many different ways that a player can win.

How to Play Roulette

Players choose a chip size by clicking the appropriate arrows in the Chip Selection portion of the game. A number of different sizes are available.
Normal bets can easily be placed by selecting the desired position on the layout of the game’s table.
Neighbor bets can be placed on either side of a designated number using the bets track.
The bet track is also used to place a call bet by selecting it. These are automatically added on to the table.
A bet can be increased by clicking it again. It will, in turn, raise the chip pile that was picked.
Right-clicking on a bet allows the player to remove it or reduce it.
Bets will have to be confirmed before being played. A confirm button will be displayed to do so.
Finally, the game’s dealer will let the ball loose on to the wheel. It will stop in a single space which designates the number that wins for the game.
The player with a winning number will receive a payout that is added to the Win box section.
If no wins are made, the game is over for the player and the option to play another game is available.

Features of Roulette


Inside bets are made on a consecutive amount of number that can range from one number to six numbers.


Outside bets are made on certain areas of the table. They include a dozen bet, an even-money bet, and a column bet.


This special feature allows the player to engage in a certain number of games without having to manually start each one. There are plenty of options available in the menu to tailor the autobet feature to a player’s tastes.


Players can view the results and winning numbers in the past game sessions played with this feature. It offers statistics so that the player can review their success and plan their next games accordingly.

Rules of the Game

There is a set time constraint during which a bet has to be made and confirmed in order to play on the corresponding game.
The standard European Roulette guidelines and rules are observed.
The ball must complete six revolutions on its wheel. Otherwise, the game is subject to being voided.
Game errors will cancel a player’s winnings.

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