Scary Friends

Scary Friends is a video slot machine offering players up to 25 pay lines in a 5reel slot style. The game has a 25coin structure and contains quite a few different features. Among the primary features are the usual scatters and wilds. Accompanying these icons are a Scary Friends bonus game, free spins bonus, and a standard gamble feature.

How to Play Scary Friends

Pay lines are selected by clicking arrow buttons in the win lines section of the interface. Players wanting to bet on the maximum number of lines should click max bet. Choosing the coin amount is done by using the arrows accompanying the bet section on the screen. The max bet button can also be used to increase the con amount to its limit. The game starts with the spin button being clicked. Winning combos are highlighted on the screen and the payouts combine to show up in the player’s win box. No winning combinations will mean that the current game is over and the player will have to start again.

Features of Scary Friends

The exclusive bonus game is started by three scatter icons being shown. The game is pickandwin style. Four monsters are displayed and the player chooses the monster they think will stay seated on the spinning wheel. The placement of the monster chosen determines the bonus win amount. During free spins bonuses, players are awarded up to 14 spins. Bets as well as pay lines from the normal game carry over into this bonus game. More free spins are able to be activated during this feature. The scatter icons in the game only serve to enable the bonus games that are featured. The wild icon completes winning combos and will also create its own unique combo by appearing multiple times on a pay line.

Rules of the Game

Only the highest wins from each pay line are awarded to the player. Scatter icons can appear in any position and still count. Regular winning combos pay out in a lefttoright fashion. Winning icons must be right next to each other. All winnings are canceled when the game malfunctions.

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