Scratch through Irish Eyes to win big

Scratch card games are meant to be a source of relaxation and that is the reason why they are not as upbeat and featureful as their slot game counterparts. The same can be said for the Scratch game Irish Eyes, which is an interesting adaptation of the slot game but is pretty dialled down when it comes to the aspect of features. However, the Scratch version of Irish Eyes still does pretty good justice to the theme, with the scratch symbols, soundtrack and general presentation sticking to the slot counterpart theme.

Game specifications

The Scratch game Irish Eyes is a pretty straightforward game and does not have any nasty surprises in store for you. the game objective is a simple scratch and match to win, and you will be presented with 9 scratchcards in a 3×3 arrangement for each game. All you need to do is scratch through each card or use the reveal all option to find out what’s in store. If you get just three matching symbols, you stand a chance to win some really good rewards.

The game is playable from just 20p to £ 200 and this makes the scratch game ideal for both casual players in search of relaxation and high rollers ready to take some risks to win big.

Game Features and options

The overall ease of playing the Scratch game Irish Eyes is quite well catered to thanks to the quick access options like the autoplay, maxbet and reveal all options. The Autoplay option lets you play the game in a continuous streak of 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 times. But the stake range is set constant for the autoplay games. However you can exit autoplay anytime you want by using the Stop autoplay option. The maxbet option lets you play the game for the maximum bet possible at the click of a button. The reveal all button is a time saver and you can check out all your scratch cards at the click of a button.

The game does not really have any unique features. All you need to do is match 3 symbols and you get stake multiplier rewards according to the paytable. But the best part is that the game offers a 1000x stake multiplier, which is pretty good.


The game is pretty relaxing and does justice to the theme. The RTP is somewhat low and just gives a player edge of 85.6%. But most stake multipliers are easily obtained, and the game is apt for fun seekers.

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