Scratch The Codfather cards and make some big money

The Codfather scratchcard game is a fun fish themed scratch game which has quite a bunch of similarities with the famous Godfather movies and books. The game in fact has a bunch of fish dressed up in some really formal attire and making shady underwater deals in their underworld. The game is aimed at being a fun and relaxing scratch game and more than succeeds on it. Not only is there a thrill of anticipation when you Scratch The Codfather cards, but your anticipation and expectations gets rewarded pretty well because the game dishes dished out some really decent wins.

Game specs

The Codfather scratchcard game is a usual 3×3 matrix of scratch cards. The aim is to get a matching bunch of 3 or more cards to win some really good rewards which are specified in the paytable. The game can be played by all kinds of players since it has flexible stakes between 20p and £ 200.

Before you start to Scratch The Codfather cards you will be asked to set stakes. But if you’re planning on playing the game for maximum stakes then you can set it with the max bet button. The autoplay button lets you play the game between 5 and 25 times in a streak. When it comes to the reveal all option, you don’t need to scratch through each and every card in the game. All you need to do is press the button to scratch all your cards and see your results instantly.

Game features

If you are looking to make some fabulous wins in the game then you need to aim for the highest value cards when you Scratch The Codfather cards. The highest value cards give you a return of close to 1000x and can be a game changer even though they appear less frequently. The other low paying cards are more frequent but can offer only returns between 2x and 100x.

But if you want some amazing returns then the bonus game might come to your aid. The bonus game works in such a way that it gives you 5 sure win scratches, and all the wins you get in this round are doubled too.


The Codfather scratchcard game is a great game and can be equally rewarding and fun to play. While scratch card he’s are meant to be relaxing, this game does have a faster pace and can out in some good thrills. The game has an RTP of 85.6% and this can make it a little challenging to get those big wins.

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