It is time to move on from the spinning and struggles of slots, and Scratch Volcano Eruption is just the perfect choice! Jackpot Paradise brings to you another scratch card game that is not only entertaining, but has a lot in store for every player. The volcano and molten lava adds the needed drama in the game along with a little adventure ride with the flames in an exciting bonus round.

Scratch Volcano Eruption is Hot and Cool at the same time!

With a smooth interface and a simple gameplay, this scratch card is a complete package of amazing graphics and vibrant colours. For people who have seen and gambled with paper scratch cards, they can totally relate with the excitement and suspense virtual scratch cards have to offer. The fun of scratching the silver coating with a coin cannot be matched, but the mobile version of the game offers its players to have a feel of it by manually scratching it on their screens to reveal the hidden symbols.

Scratch Volcano Eruption has a 3 by 3 grid with hidden symbols. The players will have to scratch on the grid to reveal the symbols, or they can skip the part and click on ‘Reveal All’ to see all the symbols at once. The player may also choose to Autoplay. With this option, the player can select the bets and the number of times they want the scratch card to reveal itself on its own.

A win is when three same symbols appear on the grid anywhere. The amount a player wins depends on the symbols that match. For instance, the dinosaur is the highest paying symbol. When a player gets three of them, they get 1000 times their bet. The other high paying symbols are monkey, frog, parrot, butterfly, and so on. And of course there is the Volcano symbol. Three of these get the player to the bonus game. In this part of the game, the player needs to collect the flame symbols. With the maximum being 9, anything from three to nine symbols payout really well. Nine symbols pay a whooping 50,000!


Scratch Volcano Eruption is undoubtedly one of the premium scratch card games. With a return rate of 90.43%, this game is definitely a good alternative to break the monotony of other casino games. With an added bonus game, one can have a fun and thrilling experience.

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