Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a casino game. It has five reels and you can win in any one of 1,024 ways. It has wild symbols, scatter symbols each of which help you win. There is a five of a kind bonus feature. They need to be all on one winning line. The five of a kind bonus cannot have a wild symbol there to help make the five of a kind.

How to Play Secret Santa Slots

The object of the Secret Santa casino game is to spin the reels in order to get winning combinations. The secret Santa logo is wild. It cannot be used to substitute for a scatter. When the Secret Santa logo appears on a line it is a winning combination.

You can be awarded a bonus after any spin of the reels. There are seven different bonus games on this game, which you can be awarded. Each of these bonus games awards either another bonus feature or more free spins.

If you are lucky, enough to get a wild reel bonus there are up to three reels, which have wild reels.

Features of Secret Santa Slots

There is a bonus called a scatter spree bonus, in which the amount of the win is calculated by multiplying the number of scatter symbols by the amount of the bet.

In a mystery multiplier bonus game, you are given up to, a 10-x multiplier on your total win.
When a rolling reel bonus game happens the winning combo that occurs during your spin, disappear after they explode and after you are paid out. These symbols above the exploding symbols shift their position to fill the spaces that have been left empty by the exploded symbols.

In the Dashing Wild symbol there is an extra wild symbol. If you are lucky to get four dashing wild symbols they move over each reel and stop on a reel position randomly before the reels stopping spinning.

In the Bonus game that awards free spins you get five free spins which have a 3x multiplier. The bonus game cannot be activated again during this free spin bonus game.

Rules of the Game

The rules of the game encompass all of the one thousand and twenty-four playing ways.
The game multiplier of fifty applies per spin
The most you can bet in the game is ten coins per spin.
If there is a malfunction, this voids all of the plays and all of your pays.

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