Sizzling Hot Roulette (Live)

Roulette is a game that needs no introduction as it is popular worldwide and has a history since 16th century. Many mathematical formulas have been devised in the creation of this amazing casino game. It works both on your luck as well as your betting strategies. What makes Sizzling Hot Roulette a unique variant is it a side betting single reel slot game. And to make the game more realistic, a live dealer feature has been added here too. You can interact with the dealer via the chat feature anytime. Whether personal or game related, you will get a response to all your queries and questions.The dealer offers live assistance throughout the game and helps you place your bets. The betting limit is between £1 and £1k.

About the developer of Sizzling Hot Roulette

This live dealer powered roulette game was developed by NetEnt, an innovative casino games creator. They have over a hundred titles of games from different casino based categories. All of them can be enjoyed on your mobile phones, tablets or personal computers.

About the game

You will begin the game of Sizzling Hot Roulette by choosing your betting chip. Next, you will have to place the chip on the number you want to bet. Choose any number including zero for straight up bet or multiple numbers using standard betting lines. There are basic options of split, corner, street, dozen, line and column. Each of these bets offers different payout levels upon winning. The highest is for the single number straight where you can get 35 times on your bet amount.

Outside Betting: To make your winning opportunity brighter, there are some outside bets that are offered in this game. The roulette wheel has red and black spots along with odd and even numbers. So you can bet on red or black and odd or even. The payout here is 1 to 1 but with a probability of 50%. There is also a high or low number series you can bet on too.

Sizzling Hot Side Bet: This is the side slot game of Sizzling Hot Roulette and powered by a single reel. There are symbols on the roulette wheel against some numbers and you can place your bets on them. The highest paying symbol is the watermelon with 80 times your bet as the payout.

Summary: With live dealer feature for realistic gaming experience and a side bet for additional winning, Sizzling Hot Roulette is the game where you can easily win.

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