Skull Duggery

A great game which offers nine pay lines along with five reels for play is the forty five coin slot machine game Skull Duggery. The game will offer a number of bonuses and symbols which can help to create pay outs that will result in big winnings during game play. The game will offer a max jackpot of twelve thousand coins which offers the player to play many times afterwards to get more winning combinations.

How to Play Skull Duggery

The player will need to first select their bet that they are wanting to play on the spin. The main goal is to spin the reels in order to get a winning combination which will offer out a pay out. The pay out will depend on the types of symbols that are revealed during play along with how much of a bet was placed. The play order is going to be as followed:
Pick your pay lines you want to play before betting
Select a betting amount the place it depending on how much you wish to play for the spin
Once the bet has been made select the spin option to begin spinning your reels
After spinning a person will either have a winning combination to pay out or you will need to re spin for the chance to get a winning combination

Features of Skull Duggery

Wild, Multiplier Symbol

The Skull Duggery picture represents the wild multiplier symbol which can help to complete a combination. If the symbol is used to complete the combination then the combinations winnings will be tripled. If the symbol appears multiple times on the pay lines then you will get a special payout based on the symbols.

Scatter Skull

When 2 or more of these symbols present themselves on reels then it will complete a combination which is scattered across the screen. The winnings will be multiplied according to the amount of winnings formed by the combinations winning symbols.

Booty Bonus Game

Having 3 or more of the thief symbols appear in a line will activate the bonus game. A person could win up to 3,000 coins in the bonus game. The player will need to select an object to help reveal a bonus.

Any issues that occur when playing will be voided and paid out.

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