Slam Funk

Thanks to Slam Funk, disco is making a comeback! This Instant Win Scratch Card Game merges the great game of basketball with the disco era, complete with bright colors, big hair, and of course, a disco ball! Digital scratch cards follow the same principals as the physical ones you can purchase through your local lottery system. They are easy and simple to play, and require no skill or strategy to win. These interactive versions of a classic are perfect for the most beginning gambler, or those that simply want to rely on luck rather than skill to win! Simply match any three symbols and you win!

How to Play Slam Funk

Place your bet using the plus (+) and minus (-) symbols until you reach your desired amount of credits
Click on “New Card”, and a card with nine covered blocks will appear on your screen
There are two different methods to reveal what is under the blocks. You can either “scratch” off the blocks one by one, or if you are more impatient and don’t want the suspense, you can click “Reveal All” to automatically uncover all symbols and see what you have won.
If you match any three like symbols, you win!
If you do not match three like symbols, try again. Any and all wins are automatically uploaded to your account

Features of Slam Funk


Just like with lottery scratch cards, these digital ones also allow you to win more than you originally bet. Many of these cards contain multiplier symbols that can increase your bet anywhere from twice what you originally bet to ten or fifteen times the amount. There is even the chance to uncover the 250 x multiplier! Bet wisely and bet often, as you never know what kind of money you’ll win! This is an easy game to play, and can be very quickly played also.

Fun Theme and Graphics

Unlike boring paper lottery scratchers, Slam Funk comes with interactive graphics that react according to how much or how little you have won. Watch the basketball players become dancers as they bust a move and come to life on the dance floor when you make a match! There are a number of different characters, each with their own jersey number that matches the available multipliers on your card. When you uncover a multiplier, that player will break out their unique dance moves for your entertainment and enjoyment. The bright colors and fun theme are reminiscent of a previous decade, and when you win, you will no doubt want to break out some moves on your own dance floor.

Rules of the Game

Match any three (3) like symbols to win
The symbols you uncover determine the amount you win
All wins are paid in credits to your account
Only one (1) win maximum can be won per card
On cards that allow multiple win combinations, only the highest combination will be paid
Amount one is determined by the multipliers uncovered multiplied by the amount wagered
Any malfunctions in the game will void any plays and any wins that may have been accrued
Only one card may be played at one time

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