Snake Charmer

The goal of this game is to give a player the chance to achieve the winning sequence of symbols in one of 25 lines that he has previously selected. The money that he wins, while playing Snake Charmer, is directly connected to the symbols that he gets. To increase the chance of winning, this five-reel game is enhanced with a free spin mode and gambling feature.

How to Play Snake Charmer

Lines button is used to adjust the amount of paylines.
Max button is used to raise the amount of paylines.
Bet button is used to adjust the bet amount.
Bet max is used to raise the bet amount to its limit.
Spin is used to spin the reels.
Win is used to display the amount won from the winning string is seen as highlighted.
Statistics show data relevant to the current game.
Autoplay, available only to some casinos with expert mode, allows a player to preset a number of games that he can play without having to interact with software.

Features of Snake Charmer


Gambling the player’s winnings may be done in two ways, through colour or suit. Choosing the right colour will increase the winning for 200%, whereas the right suit will quadruple the winning. A player has the right to gamble his winnings from one to five times, or sooner, provided that he has already reached the gamble limit. This feature is optional and is activated by any winning that a player gets.

Free Spins

This feature enables a player to receive 10 free spins, provided that there are minimum three scattered symbols of the man. While playing free spins 1 reel minimum is transformed into wild. The paylines and bets used here are the same as in the spin that triggered this feature.
Free spins can’t be retriggered.
The rules regarding bets and pay ways are the same as for the spin that activated this bonus game.


This is a scattered symbol which can form a winning string provided that at least two of them are scattered across the reels. If there are three+ of them, then they act as free spin mode activators.
The wild symbol cannot replace the symbol of the man.


This symbol is used to replace all the others, except for the scattered symbol.
It forms a winning string when it does not act as wild symbol, but only if a few of them are found on the payline.

Rules of the Game

All symbols follow the left-right order, except for the symbol of the man.
The plays are declared void in case there are technical difficulties.
The highest sum won per selected payline is the one that is taken into account. Except for the scattered winnings that are put together with the regular ones. The bonus winning are also added to this pile.
Regular winnings are determined through a multiplication of the won amount with the staked amount on every pay way.
Scattered winnings are determined by multiplying the value of the symbols found in the winning string with the whole amount that a player has placed as his regular bet.
The payouts are paid in credits.

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