Snake Slot

Snake slot is an online slot machine that features five reels, thirty pay lines and three hundred coins.

How to Play Snake Slot

The player spins the reels, attempting to achieve a winning combination on the pay lines. Once the reels stop, the game decides payouts based on the pay lines contents at the end of the spin.

Before the spin starts, the player selects the number of pay lines the player wants to bet on and the amount they wish to bed. They then click the ‘spin’ button and the reels start spinning.

If a winning combination is achieved, the amount won is highlighted on those tells. The player will be paid the amount displayed on the win box.

If none of the selected reels display a winning combination, the game is at an end and the player can chose to play again if they wish.

Features of Snake Slot

The game features a wild symbol that looks like a snake and has the word ‘Wild’ in yellow letters. It is not a substitute for the symbol known as Mix of Fruit. The Wild Symbol can create a winning combination in conjunction with an enabled play line.

Snake slot also features a Lucky Snake symbol that awards the player x2 their total bet combination. It changes the payline on which it appears into a wild payline and awards two free re-spins. It multiplies the total bet amount by any winning combination.

Three symbols known as ‘mix of fruit’ are distributed on reels 1, 3 and 5. When these symbols appear at the end of a spin, they activate a feature known as the Jungle Party bonus game.

The game works in the following way:

The player can choose objects, and these objects win bonus amounts
The player can choose from 6 numbered blocks to reveal 2 that will be prizes
The player can choose from 10 holes – behind each is two fruits that represent prizes or free spins
The prizes can add to one another, so the more fruits you pick that give prizes, the more you are able to win.

Rules of the Game

10 coins may be bet on each of the pay lines.
If there is a malfunction while the game is being played, all prizes are void
If the player gets a star symbol, the free spins bonus game is activated
Bonus game wins are added to regular wins
Winnings during a bonus game are added to the player’s prize total as they are won

The highest combination of each enabled payline are won
Normal winning combinations are added from left to right
The total number of coins won are awarded depending on the total number of coins played
Prizes are calculated thusly: Number of coins times’ coin size played equals the amount of credits awarded.

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