Soccer Safari

An online slot machine that boasts six hundred coin capacity, fives reels as well as thirty potential paylines, Soccer safari has a ton of cool features.

How to Play Soccer Safari

Soccer Safari’s objective is to spin the five reels so that winning combinations are displayed. The player then wins the combinations that the reels have landed on.

Once the lines that the player wishes to bet on are selected by the player, they then place a bet by clicking the – or + buttons to select the amount they wish to wager. They can also click ‘coins’ to increase the amount of coins they wish to bet. They may also press the ‘max bet’ button to wager the largest amount possible.

The player then clicks the ‘spin’ button and the reels start spinning. After the reels come to rest, the combinations that match show the prize that the player has won. If the player has not achieved a winning combination, the game is over and they can play again if they so choose to.

Features of Soccer Safari

The game features a Wild symbol and a scatter symbol. Both these effect the gameplay in different ways.

The Wild symbol in this game has the Soccer Safari logo featured on it and creates a winning combination when it lines up with multiple symbols on an enabled pay line once the reels stop spinning.

The scatter symbol works differently to the wild symbol and features the word ‘scatter’ and a picture of a trophy. It activates a bonus game when more than one appear on the reels after they have stopped. It is in no way a substitute for the wild symbol.

The bonus game allows the player to win up to 60000 coins. They choose objects to reveal random prizes behind those objects. These objects can be teams, players, targets or other soccer objects. If the player scores a goal in the bonus game, they win a random bonus amount.

If the player does not score a goal in the bonus game, they are rewarded with a random multiplier of their original bet.

There are at least two bonus games – the ‘go for goal’ and the ‘free spins’ games. They cannot be activated within one another.

Soccer Safari also has a ‘Gamble’ feature. In this game, the player can select the color of a card. If they are correct about the color, their win is doubled. If they are correct about the suit, their win is quadrupled.

Rules of the Game

The player is able to bet up to 20 coins per pay line. In the event that there is a malfunction with the game, all wins for that spin are voided.

If the player wins a scatter prize or a bonus prize, those amounts are added to the amount they have already won on that spin.

Symbols on this game must start in the left most reel. If a combination of symbols begins in the second reel (from the left) it will not count as a win.

The prize that the player wins in the game is the coin amount that they have chosen to bet multiplied by number of coins bet on the winning reel.

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